Before Your Test


As you may know, there are active cases of COVID-19 in regions where BodySpec operates. We encourage all clients to follow prevention-focused hygiene guidelines circulated by the CDC. Most importantly, if you are not feeling well, we strongly urge you to stay home, rest, and reschedule your BodySpec appointment to a later date at no cost. Our phone and email customer support teams are happy to assist you.

Thank you for your understanding and for helping to keep the public safe.

Appointment changes and cancellations are available via the login portal on our website up to 24 hours before your appointment time. If you are a no-show for your appointment, your scan or test credit will be lost without refund. Please refer to our refund policy for more details.

Please be on time for your appointment! Our schedule is entirely based on our customers' appointments, and our truck cannot always wait for latecomers to show up. If you have an emergency or are running late, please call us at (310) 601-8184, or e-mail

For DXA Body Composition Tests

  1. Do not take calcium supplements at least 24 hours prior to your test.

  2. If you recently had a barium examination or have been injected with a contrast material for a computed tomography (CT) scan or radioisotope scan, you will need to wait 14 days after that procedure in order to have a DXA scan.

  3. Please wear clothing without metal - this means no bra underwires, zippers or clasps. We do require all clients to wear at least one layer of clothing on top of their underwear. Workout clothes work great! If you have metal in your body that you cannot remove, don't worry - you'll still be able to scan, but bone density readings will be higher due to the scanner interpreting metal as bone.

  4. On the day of the exam you may eat normally. However, if you plan to scan multiple times, for best results, plan to do all your scans under the same circumstances ideally (e.g. same time of day, same state of hunger, etc)

  5. Please fill out your DXA intake form before your appointment.

For RMR Tests

  1. Avoid exercise for at least 12 hours before your test.

  2. Avoid caffeine or nicotine use for at least 6 hours before your test.

  3. Avoid eating for at least 4 hours before your test. Drinking water is fine.

  4. Please fill out your RMR intake form before your appointment.