About BodySpec's Decision To Reopen

Like many businesses, we’re seeing our communities move towards reopening. We’ve been asking ourselves - what is the right thing to do? When is the right time?

The health and safety of our employees and clients is our top priority. We believe that however painful, shutting down over these past few weeks was the right decision to slow the spread of COVID-19 in our community.

However, no small business can survive staying shut down forever. As the shutdown has gone on for weeks, and now months, it has forced us to grapple with difficult questions about the right thing to do for our 36 employees, our clients, and the community at large.

Unlike some services, BodySpec can’t offer curbside pickup or take our service fully remote. After all, there is no way to perform a DEXA body scan without an actual body on the scanner. Consequently, as soon as the shutdown occurred, we lost nearly all of our revenues while still incurring the vast majority of our operating costs.

To make it through this, we've had to figure out what was truly necessary. We've made the decision not to lay off any of our team, but the amount of work available (and pay) has been reduced regardless. Additionally, the founders have given up all of their normal pay; we don’t believe in asking for sacrifice without sacrificing ourselves. Unfortunately, these measures, even summed together, don’t fill the hole left from the halting of operations.

That’s not to say we’re just waiting for our demise; rather, we’ve kept ourselves quite busy. We’ve worked on a variety of projects to improve our operations and we’re launching our new remote health coaching service. While we are very excited about it, we also know that new services take time to grow, and that it may be some time before that service contributes meaningfully to supporting the company as a whole.

Today, we see local governments beginning to pave the way for resuming business activity. While the when and how may differ for each region, we feel that the right decision at this time is to reopen when we are ready and able - but to open cautiously and mindfully, with as much of a view towards safety as possible.

To us, this means three things:

  • We intend to be in compliance with any state and local government and public health orders, which determine when it is safe and permissible for businesses like us to re-open.
  • We are working actively with our supervising medical practitioners in each region to implement new protocols to reduce risk of disease spread. We will only open with their approval. You can read more about the specific protocol changes here.
  • We are incorporating the input of our team members to make decisions regarding the day to day details of our operations, to ensure that everyone feels safe and confident in our workplace.

We’ll be continuing to monitor the news about the disease, as well as feedback from our supervising physicians, partners, employees, and clients, so that our operations can stay responsive.

While we’re not categorized as an essential business, we do feel strongly that we play an essential role in helping people improve their health, today and beyond. Whatever the future holds, we intend to be a part of it, but we cannot fulfill that vision if we don’t survive.

We appreciate your support and understanding, and we look forward to hopefully seeing you again soon, when you’re ready. In the meantime, stay safe, and stay healthy.

The BodySpec Team

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