BodySpec Team Profiles: Chloe F.


Chloe F.

Current Location

Seattle, WA

Meet Chloe, our tech in Seattle!

How's your autumn going?

It’s good! Not so much rain yet this season, and people have a little pep in their step when the sun is out! So it’s a great time to be outside.

Seattle is a very outdoorsy, very health focused city. There are areas for rock climbing, hiking, biking everywhere. It’s really great.

Have you always been an active person?

I’ve always prioritized moving my body. I was super into bodybuilding in college, but got hurt, so I started focusing on new, creative ways to stay healthy. And then COVID hit and it really challenged me to find new ways to move, and be stimulated.

So I got creative! It was nice to shift from the gym, to daily walks with Murphy. Walking has so many benefits. It’s great for recovery days and blood flow, but it’s amazing for just overall health.

I adopted my English setter, Murphy, when he was 9 weeks old. I recently got a GoPro harness for him, and it’s hilarious. I take him on a ferry to his favorite dog park, it’s a huge farm with trails and a rainforest so he can be off leash. You just sit and watch the water. It’s amazing.

Everyone in Seattle has a dog -- someone recently told me more people in Seattle have dogs than children, but don’t quote me on that (laughing).

When Murphy was a baby, I’d bring him with me to BodySpec events and he’d curl up in the driver’s seat. Clients loved him! Now he’s too big to come with me, but people still ask about him!

Chloe's pup Murphy!

You’ve been with BodySpec since August 2020. What’s your favorite part of the job?

I received my degree from Michigan State University in kinesiology with a focus in exercise physiology and health promotion. My job with BodySpec really gives me the opportunity to engage with people and be a part of the community. Everyone we scan is being proactive about their health, it’s nice to engage with people who are dedicated to bettering themselves and their health.

What does a typical day at work look like for you?

I wake up at 5:30 to be out the door for morning events, and I scan about 20-25 people a day. I moved to Seattle about a year ago, so this job has been great to get to know the city. I'm driving around everywhere!

I love the clients I work with. I’m very passionate about people being able to help access tools to improve their health. I see myself always working in a public health capacity, so this job is a great start to help me keep people informed about their health.

My whole family are teachers and so I think I have a bit of a teaching spirit. I like being able to give people terms for things, and help explain things in ways they understand.

Before coming to work at BodySpec, how familiar were you with DEXA body composition scanning?

I looked into getting a DEXA scan in Michigan, but it was in a doctor’s office 4 hours away, and was over $300! I heard about DEXA scanning all through college while studying, so this feels like coming full circle to work with one!

How would you describe the BodySpec scan to your family and friends?

I describe it as a full-body health assessment! As technology advances, it’s an amazing way to educate people on how healthy they are -- their bones, heart health, etc. They’re starting to understand!

In fact, my roommates have been scanning to help train for a half marathon. It was nice for them to track their progress--and fun for me to help them along!

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