Yes. Please make your appointment in advance online before coming in. VO2 max testing is not administered on a walk-up basis.

On average, your BodySpec VO2 max appointment will take around 30 minutes.

Do not consume food or caffeine for at least 4 hours prior to testing. Finally, avoid smoking and strenuous exercise for 24 hours prior to testing.

Come for your test wearing comfortable running clothes and shoes, and bring a towel!

If you have a respiratory illness or any other condition that may affect your ability to run at max effort, please schedule your test at a time where those conditions will no longer affect you. If you have questions, you can e-mail support@bodyspec.com.

VO2 max provides a quantification of your cardiovascular fitness, and allows you to measure progress when training for competitions, or compare to others.

The VO2 max tests also measures your max heart HR and target heart rate training zones. This tells you at what heart rate you should be training at to meet different personal goals.

For information, see our VO2 max blog post.

After your initial baseline, re-testing your VO2 max will depend on the changes in your fitness as a result of your training. Those training for a competition or event may find it useful to test at the beginning of their training program, and then re-test immediately prior to their competition to quanity their improvements.

Women tend to have lower VO2 max than men, primarily for physiological reasons. As men are generally physically larger than women, they have larger hearts and lungs, enabling them to pump more blood and take in more oxygen. Additionally, women tend to have higher levels of body fat, which consumes virtually no oxygen, compared to men.

Young people tend to have higher VO2 max than older people. Males and females tend to have their peak VO2 max between ages 18 to 25, with gradual declines as they age. VO2 max tends to decrease by around 10% per decade regardless of gender and exercise activity.

Our VO2 max blog post gives average VO2 max measurements across different genders, ages, and sports, and also provides known VO2 values for some elite athletes.

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