Cover: Health Champions
Cover: Health Champions

BodySpec supports health champions with free DEXA scans!

We believe you provide an invaluable service and should have access to affordable, convenient DEXA scans.

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What's a health champion?

Health champions are trainers, nutritionists, dietitians, and coaches that have certifications grounded in research and professional training. Our program offers them free scans, so they can share the value to their clients, patients, and teams.

Health champions unlock human potential by guiding others to healthier, happier lives. We're here to help.

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BodySpec scans are an effective way to motivate any fitness journey.

of clients try a fitness service (gym, fitness class, etc.) as a result of their BodySpec scan
of clients are more mindful of their diet and/or exercise as a result of their BodySpec scan
of clients improve their exercise or nutrition as a result of their BodySpec scan
%'s represent those employees surveyed
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Our DEXA scan unlocks value from day one

Seamless booking and zero wait times
Measure fat, lean tissue, visceral fat, and bone health in under 12 minutes.
1:1 support to decode results and track improvement over time

Elite organizations use BodySpec to level up their training and performance. You can, too.

BodySpec enables real, measurable change in people's lives.

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