Nutrition Coaching

Want to see big improvements on your next scan?

BodySpec is now offering nutrition coaching services to help you achieve your goals. We provide you with a certified nutritionist who will give individualized guidance based on your scan results and personal goals. All consultations are held over the phone or by e-mail, at your convenience.

Services: Nutrition

Why work with a nutrition coach?

A personalized approach to nutrition ensures that your eating habits support and enhance your efforts at the gym. Nutrition is the most important factor that can contribute to the success or failure of a fitness routine or weight loss plan. Moreover, severely restrictive or cookie-cutter approaches to nutrition do not work for everyone because they don't take into consideration important factors in your professional and personal life, or your specific health needs.

BodySpec's nutrition program uses the individualized results from your DXA scans along with information about your goals, lifestyle and limitations in order to help you make realistic and sustainable improvements to your eating habits.

Get started

One Hour Consultation - $75

Want to get answers to your food-related questions? A one hour consultation is a wonderful resource for anyone who wants to evaluate and make improvements to their eating habits. Your nutrition coach will do the following:

  • Tailor your nutrition consultation based on your personal goals

  • Examine current eating patterns and identify areas of improvement

  • Provide concrete tips to improve dining and food preparation practices

  • Answer your nutrition-related questions

One Month Program - $300

includes 1 DXA scan

Looking to make a change in your diet? A longer-term program provides ongoing support to keep you focused and on track at all times. Your nutrition coach becomes your partner in ensuring your success.

Your coach will do the following:

  • Everything listed above in the one hour consultation

  • Check in with you weekly or twice a week (depending on preference) to evaluate progress

  • Provide additional resources, including:

    • Approved foods shopping list

    • Primal food pyramid

    • Suggested recipes

    • Ongoing adjustments to your program based on your scan results

Additional Consultations

If you'd like to keep working with your coach for multiple months, you can simply purchase additional one-month programs. Receive $100 off with each third month purchased (total cost for 3 months is $800 instead of $900). Each month purchased continues to include 1 DXA scan.