BodySpec's certified nutrition coaches are dedicated to helping you improve your eating habits.

Our coaches have extensive experience working both with clients wishing to lose weight and attain a healthier overall lifestyle, as well as clients looking to achieve strength and performance-related milestones. Most importantly, they are truly passionate about helping others achieve their goals in a fun and positive way!

Johanna Kracke

Johanna Kracke

Johanna takes a personalized big-picture approach to nutrition. Her coaching sessions are not about dieting, cutting out entire food groups, or attempting an unrealistic exercise regimen, but about making small, effective, and permanent lifestyle changes that work for YOU. Johanna provides guidance to identify exactly what your goals are, help make a plan and a timeline to get you there, and most importantly give continued support and accountability so you stay on track.

Johanna has successfully assisted many clients to achieve their goals, such as achieving significant weight loss, running a first 5K, or increasing bone density. As a nutrition coach, she is certified through the WellCoaches School of Coaching. She also holds an M.S. in Exercise Science from the George Washington University, and has previously worked for the USDA doing nutrition research.

Contact Johanna at johanna@bodyspec.com.

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