What Is Health Coaching?

A guide for your health journey

A BodySpec health coach provides you with ongoing support and guidance to help you make lasting improvements to your health.

You want to get healthier. Whether it’s about eating better, getting stronger, sleeping more, or learning how to sift through the noise of your life to prioritize your health, you know it’s time to make some changes.

Services: Health Coaching

Through a series of in-depth phone conversations, your BodySpec health coach works with you to map out actionable, achievable steps that get you the results you want. In doing so, we help with all of the following:

  • Breaking down your greater health goals into manageable daily steps you can take

  • Exploring fresh, innovative ways to solve old problems

  • Navigating disruptions or deviations from your routines, such as illness, injury, or travel

  • Staying motivated and accountable with as many or as few check-ins as you need

  • Building habits that form the basis of the lifestyle you want

Why work with BodySpec?

At BodySpec, we don’t just hand you a canned meal planning template or cookie cutter workout plan.

Instead, through in-depth conversations, we work to thoughtfully understand your motivations, strengths, constraints, and anything else that affects you. Our understanding of the context of your life guides our approach to help you make progress. And as your partner in health, we can pivot with you through different life stages and health needs.

We believe that this collaborative, individualized approach is the most effective way to help you feel empowered to achieve meaningful long-term health improvements.

Finally, our team-based coaching culture gives you access not only to your dedicated coach, but to a full toolshed of resources, approaches, and knowledge from our combined coaching team.

Get started


BodySpec plans to offer health coaching as an unlimited-access subscription for an affordable monthly fee.

During the initial beta period, we will be offering this service to everyone on a donation-only basis.

We believe in making better health accessible to everyone and will work to offer a full subscription service at a more affordable price than what you'd pay for a single session with other providers. You’ll receive unlimited access to our coaching team, including:

  • Unlimited 25 minute sessions, so there is no limit to the support you receive

  • Coaches available 7 days a week, at all times of day, to work around your busy schedule

  • Action steps and progress tracking after each call, so you always know what your next steps are

  • Access to the combined resources and knowledge of the full coaching team, so you get a variety of ideas to help you succeed


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