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Life-changing full-body health scans made available to everyone.

Dive into data and insights, learn more than you've ever known about your body, and get inspired.

The BodySpec DEXA scan makes understanding your body composition effortless

Starting at $39.95 / scan. No surprises or hidden fees.
Our stores and mobile clinics are everywhere, making your health journey truly convenient.
Fast & Easy
Fast & Easy
In and out in <10 mins, and shorter than a coffee break.
Human Touch
Human Touch
Decode your scan with our in-house experts for free.

Our DEXA scan gives you the insights to improve your health as well as prevent injury and illness long term.

Body Fat Index Calculator

Calculate your BFI

Enter your height, weight, and body fat percentage to calculate your BFI

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Your BFI equals your fat mass in kilos divided by your height in meters squared.

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Better health in 3 easy steps:

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With BodySpec, you can track your progress over time.

BodySpec enables real, measurable change in people's lives

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