BodySpec Client Stories: Erin G.

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Erin G.



What does health mean to you? What does good health empower you to accomplish?

When I’m healthy, I’m a better parent. I handle stress better. I’m a more productive parent, partner, everything. When I’m healthy I can be the best version of all of that.

Also, I have 6-year old twins and a toddler. Demonstrating to my kids what a healthy, active lifestyle means is really important to me. Now is the time to begin conversations with them about food, health, and exercise.


How has your activity and approach to your health evolved over time?

I swam competitively for most of my childhood, so I grew up feeling like doing less felt like not doing enough. I continued long-distance running and marathon training until my early thirties.

While pregnant with my twins, I had to change how I thought about my activity level. Throughout pregnancy, swimming turned into floating, and by the end of my pregnancy, just walking around the block took 20 minutes.

After they were born, I realized that exercise felt like a stress reliever and not an added stressor. I tried to get back into distance running with a team when my twins were one, but that only lasted a few months! Now I exercise regularly to stay healthy.

What do your current health goals look like? Has COVID affected your fitness regime for the better or worse?

(laughing) Worse! With my kids at home, I have less time to exercise.

But really, COVID has forced us all to slow down, so I’ve allowed my exercise and fitness to look different now. I love to grab a run or walk by myself, but I’ve now also embraced family walks. And I’ve learned to be okay with activity looking different these days.

How do you use the BodySpec scan as a part of keeping healthy?

Finding out where exactly you are in your health journey can be the hardest part. It can seem intimidating, but for me, the scan is not just numbers - it’s a marker of my progress. I can see visible improvement. I can see progress in all different ways.

COVID has forced us to take more of our health into our own hands. So I’ve found that the scan is a great tool to independently keep me accountable and my health on track.

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