What is an InBody Scan?

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InBody scans are a type of body composition analysis that provides a look at various body components such as fat, muscle, and bone. Unlike traditional methods of body composition analysis, such as skinfold thickness measurement and bioelectrical impedance, InBody scans use a new technology with both pros and cons.

How Does an InBody Scan Work?

InBody scans work by using bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology, which sends an electrical current through the body to measure the resistance of various tissues. The resistance of each tissue is used to calculate the body's composition, including the amount of fat, muscle, and bone tissue.

One of the major questions about InBody scans is their accuracy. They provide detailed information about the distribution of body fat, muscle, and bone, but whether the method is accurate is subject to a great deal of debate.

InBody Scan vs. Dexa Scan

If you're looking for an InBody scan near you, it's important to consider the more accurate DEXA scan as well. DEXA scans use harmless low-dose x-rays to measure body composition in about 7-12 minutes. DEXA scans are considered to be the gold standard used by athletes and medical professionals for measuring body composition because they are highly accurate and precise. DEXA scans can measure the amount of fat, muscle, and bone in the body with a high level of accuracy. They are also non-invasive and quick.

So, which one is more accurate: InBody scans or DEXA scans? DEXA scans are widely considered to be more accurate than InBody scans for measuring body composition. InBody scans can be affected by various factors that can impact the accuracy of the results.

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