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Stay Motivated & Consistent with Regular BodySpec DEXA Scans

Understand your body's response to changes by consistently scanning with Bodyspec.

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DEXA scans are accurate ways to measure body fat, lean mass, and bone density. Regular scans ensure precise tracking of these key health metrics. Measuring Progress is key to achieving your goals.

The BodySpec DEXA scan makes understanding your body fat levels effortless

Starting at $40 / scan. No surprises or hidden fees.
Our mobile vans mean we can be wherever you are.
Fast & Easy
Fast & Easy
In and out in <15 mins, and shorter than your coffee break.
Human Touch
Human Touch
We're here to support you. Decode your scan with our in-house experts for FREE.

Body Fat Index Calculator

Calculate your BFI

Enter your height, weight, and body fat percentage to calculate your BFI

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Your BFI equals your fat mass in kilos divided by your height in meters squared.

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Easy to understand DEXA scan results fast:

Set your unique baseline for measuring change
Interpret your results to build your action plan
Track your results to show improvement over time

BodySpec enables real, measurable change in people's lives

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