Yes. Please make your appointment in advance. BodySpec does serve walk-ups if there is room in the schedule, but our appointments receive first priority. Additionally, our Los Angeles office is by appointment only, and our staff may not be present if there are no reserved appointments. Finally, many of BodySpec's scan dates do sell out, so there is no guarantee that we'll have room for walk-ups. If your plans change, you can always change your appointment up to 24 hours beforehand.

On average, your BodySpec appointment takes around 20 minutes. You can fill out your intake form ahead of time to help speed up the process. You will be on the scanner for approximately 10 minutes. You'll be able to get your results right after your scan, and also meet with our staff for a consultation about your results.

An average BodySpec DXA scan is 0.4 microsieverts, equivalent to the radiation from eating 4 bananas. It's a very low, very safe amount. To give some context, the average person gets 10 microsieverts of radiation exposure each day. For more information on DXA and radiation, check out this blog post.

When you are entering into a new fitness or nutrition program that's a drastic change from what you've previously been doing, it can be extremely beneficial to rescan around 30 days after your baseline. Measuring the impact of well controlled nutrition and training allows you to determine if the changes are producing the desired results. If you're making smaller tweaks to your fitness and nutrition, stop in for a scan every 3-4 months to make sure you're staying on track.

In general, no, you do not. Most scans are open to the public. If a scan event is not open to the general public, there will be a note about this on the calendar. And you can always sign up at our Los Angeles location.

No, it will not. Working out before a DXA scan often decreases your level of hydration. The accuracy of other methods of body fat testing, such as bioelectrical impedance, would be impacted by this, but the accuracy of BodySpec's DXA scanner is not. However, there may be changes on your body composition due to hydration differences that will be reflected in your scan, so you should try to scan under similar circumstances each time. For more information, check out our blog post on hydration and DXA.

We generally advise pregnant women NOT to get the DXA scan, as it is an x-ray based test. While the radiation exposure is extremely low, we still prefer to take precautions to keep you safe.

Yes, the scan is safe for people with pacemakers.

On our trucks, BodySpec's DXA scanner can support individuals of up to 350 lbs. At our Los Angeles location, the DXA scanner can support individuals up to 450 lbs.

Make sure you haven’t had a barium exam or an injection of contrast dye in the two weeks before your appointment. Otherwise, just come in your workout clothes (but avoid clothing with metal, such as zippers or bra underwires). Please note that we do require all clients to wear at least one layer of clothing on top of their underwear for the scan.

Additionally, for maximum accuracy, you’ll want to do the scan under the same circumstances each time. So if you fast for the first scan, you may want to fast for subsequent scans, so that changes in your body composition are a reflection of actual change, rather than the presence of food.

Yes, absolutely! The more, the merrier! One individual should go ahead and purchase the package upfront, and schedule all the times that their group wants under their own name. That person should then e-mail support@bodyspec.com and let us know the first names, last names, and e-mail addresses of the other people they are splitting the package with, as well as the appointment time for each person. We'll set up the rest. Reimbursement should be handled between the group members.

Yes, but with at least 24 hours notice. BodySpec relies on scheduled appointments in order to travel to our destinations. As long as you cancel or reschedule a scan in advance of your appointment, you can use that same scan credit for a new appointment on any future date. You can cancel your appointment directly from the BodySpec website up till 24 hours before your appointment.

If you do not reschedule your scan in time or are a no-show for the appointment, then the scan credit will be lost with no refund. If there is an emergency that causes you to miss or need to re-schedule the appointment with short notice, then please let us know and we will try to accommodate as best we can.

Yes, we do accept HSA/FSA cards.

We would love to! If you tell us about your location or situation, we will do our best to make it happen. Just fill out this referral form.

No problem! Just e-mail us at support@bodyspec.com and we'll do our best to help you!

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