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Discover How Your Body Changes in Menopause

Track Your Progress with a Full-Body Scan

Signs of menopause can include increased body fat, lower muscle mass, and slower metabolism. Track your progress and address these changes with a 15-minute DEXA scan.

Women can start the transition to menopause as early as age 35.

Up to 70% of women experience weight gain during menopause.

Women can lose 3-8% of their muscle mass every decade after age 30.

Starting at $40 / scan. No surprises or hidden fees.
Our mobile vans mean we can be wherever you are.
Fast & Easy
Fast & Easy
In and out in <15 mins, and shorter than your coffee break.
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Human Touch
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Track Your Body's Changes with 3 Easy Steps:

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With BodySpec, you can track your progress over time.

Body Fat Index Calculator

Calculate your BFI

Enter your height, weight, and body fat percentage to calculate your BFI

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Your BFI equals your fat mass in kilos divided by your height in meters squared.

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