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No extra charges. No hidden fees.
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Track progress like a pro: Set your fitness baseline and get insightful updates regularly.

$39.951 scan / month, paid monthly
$64.952 scans / month, paid monthly
Why pick this option?
  • Great for dedicated change making
  • Cancel anytime, no commitment
  • Keep any unused scan credits
  • The ultimate accountability tool
  • New diet or workout? See if it works
  • Big event? Use us in the lead up
  • See change (or lack thereof) early
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The perfect plan for tracking your body composition changes over longer periods of time.

$49.951 scan / quarter, paid quarterly
$79.952 scans / quarter, paid quarterly
Why pick this option?
  • Great for maintenance routines
  • Cancel anytime, no commitment
  • Keep any unused scan credits
  • The ultimate accountability tool
  • Stay committed to long-term health
  • Don't fall off the wagon
  • Track changes over the long haul

One-time purchase

Not yet ready to commit? Come try us out! We've made scans more affordable than ever!

$59.95for 1 baseline scan
$114.952 scans, baseline and follow-up
Why pick this option?
  • Don't know if you'll love it? Try first!
  • Same scanner, service, and accuracy
  • See the power of your data firsthand
  • Get a 2-pack to share or for your follow-up

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend starting with a baseline scan and booking follow-up scans monthly or quarterly. Regular scans help you stay motivated, track your progress, and adjust your health and fitness routines to achieve your goals.

Less than 15 minutes! You'll get your personalized, comprehensive, total body measurement quickly and be on your way.

Anyone that's interested in better health. A DEXA scan is a powerful tool that provides a comprehensive full-body snapshot and deep visibility into what's going on under your skin.

No - we also provide scans in our mobile clinics! BodySpec vans are equipped with DEXA machines to provide quick and convenient scans at your office, gym, local business or public space. If you're interested in hosting one of our vans, click HERE.

The amount of radiation from a DEXA scan is very low and very safe. Our average scan is equivalent to the radiation from eating 4 bananas.

DEXA scans are the gold standard for measuring body composition as they use medical-grade technology that is both precise AND accurate. We run daily quality assurance testing on all our machines to ensure they achieve an accuracy of +/- 0.5% before testing any clients.

Usually within a few hours! We'll upload the scan results to your BodySpec account so they're always available and also email you a link to access via your Dashboard.

Yes! Join one of our FREE Health Hangouts to get a detailed explanation of each section of the scan report from one of our DEXA experts.