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Finally, Accurate Insights into Your Metabolic Health

No need to guess. Discover Your Daily Calorie Need in Under 15 Minutes

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Your body is like a machine that converts food and drink into energy by a process we call metabolism. Your metabolism affects everything from your weight to your energy levels throughout the day.
Understanding your metabolism is key to achieving your goals.

The BodySpec DEXA scan makes understanding your metabolism effortless

Starting at $40 / scan. No surprises or hidden fees.
Our mobile vans mean we can be wherever you are.
Fast & Easy
Fast & Easy
In and out in <15 mins, and shorter than your coffee break.
We're here to support you. Decode your scan with our in-house experts for FREE.
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Easy to understand DEXA scan results fast:

Seamless booking and zero wait times
Easy to understand results fast
1:1 support to track results and show improvement over time
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