What Are DEXA Scans?

Why get a scan?

Better health is about being free to do what matters to you. Whether your goal is to finish your first 10K run, dance at your daughter's wedding, spend more time outside, or just live with more energy and less stress, better health is for everyone - and that includes you.

Better health is about being free to do what matters to you.

A BodySpec DEXA scan is a powerful tool that helps you get healthier. Our comprehensive whole-body health snapshot provides a unique, fascinating, and unprecedented glimpse at what’s going on under your skin.

By empowering you to understand your body in a completely new way, our scans motivate you to be more committed, guide you in the right direction, and make you more successful on your health journey - wherever it leads.

What will I learn?

A BodySpec DEXA scan doesn’t measure effort, or time, or dollars spent. It measures your body - and your body has a lot to say.

  • A detailed full body composition snapshot and analysis helps you understand where you’re starting from

  • By measuring how your body changes in response to your routines, you’ll identify what works for you

  • You’ll be able to focus on prevention today rather than treatment tomorrow with a clear profile of your risks for long-term preventable disease

  • Get guidance from health experts on the right path forward. Our wellness consultant team supports you after each scan, so that you’re not left alone to figure it all out yourself

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Scanning is easy

The entire process is simple, fast, and easy.

Lie down and relax, scanning is easy!

  1. Sign up for an appointment online, and complete a brief intake survey.

    • We have trucks and storefronts in multiple locations, so look for whatever’s most convenient to you.
    • If we don’t currently visit your community, let us know so we can come out!
  2. Show up for your appointment on time, wearing comfortable clothes with minimal metal. Workout clothes work great.

  3. Lie down and relax on our scanner for about 10 minutes. You’ll receive your results immediately.

  4. Schedule a phone consultation with one of our health and fitness experts to review your scan results, and get clear guidance and tips based on your goals.

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How much does it cost?

Single Scan: $45

The first time you get your BodySpec scan report is the first time you’ll truly understand what’s going on under your skin. Try it out - you’ll be glad you did.

Two Scan Package: $85

A second scan allows you to measure change - critical for anyone working towards their goals. There’s no feeling more powerful than when you know what you’re doing is working. There’s also no feedback more important than when you know it’s not.

Four Scan Package: $170

Health doesn’t need to be a solo journey. We’re more successful with the support of our loved ones. Make health a family or group commitment, and save.

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