BodySpec Client Stories: Candy S.

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Candy S.

What is your fitness background?

I’ve always been in the gym and in sports, but I’ve been training professionally for about 15 years. I own Fit Theory and have been in business for 4.5 years.

I tried other professions, but always loved the gym, so ended up opening one for myself!


What is it about a group training atmosphere that you enjoy?

Being active and healthy settles me and calms my mood, so I know it does that for other people. The whole purpose of my job is to help people get beyond their personal limitations—past what they think is their edge.

I had a client with advanced Parkinson’s and dementia. His goal was to bike and swim again. At the end of 9 months of training, we got him back on the bike!

I made a difference in his life—you start to see what an impact you have on people’s lives! And then with COVID, you see how important it is to maintain your health all the time.

How did COVID affect your training?

I was 100% shut down for four months.

The first week, people came by and borrowed gym equipment so we created their own setups at home, and I was able to virtually advise them. I also recorded little snippets of videos, where I would demo exercises for them, and give them sets to complete. We adapted and just figured out what works for individuals.

From there we were able to return to open-air training, and now we’re back--hopefully for good.

How did you first hear about BodySpec?

You reached out to me! I think you were after my big parking lot! (Laughing) Plus, we have a common goal, so it’s a good fit!

What was your first reaction to seeing DEXA scan results?

Scanning is very motivating. The red and green contrast is a pretty effective visual! To watch the red go down with work is really satisfying.

I love the visual, other people like the metrics. You can see how you look in clothes, but the scan is your “naked" body!

I also use the scan results as a learning tool for my clients. People don’t believe I weigh 156 pounds, but I show people, especially my female clients, so they know they don’t have to weigh 120 pounds to have the physique they want!

How are you using DEXA scanning moving forward?

If you want to know exactly how something affects your body, go talk to the BodySpec truck! You can take one look at the scan results and there’s your before and after—an exact snapshot!

So we introduced a 6-week challenge where each client decides on one thing to change—six weeks of doing something that makes a difference in your life. For example, I decided on six weeks of no alcohol, no sugar, and intermittent fasting.

People sign their name and their challenge on a whiteboard by the entrance. These can be personal challenges, so you can just use an initial if you like, but people like the camaraderie.

There’s accountability in regular DEXA scans, and there’s accountability to yourself when you write your name next to a goal and have to walk by it every day!

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