BodySpec Client Stories: Lou S.

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Lou S.

What is your training background?

I’ve been a personal trainer since 1998 and opened Body One Fitness in 2010.

I transitioned to primarily training groups because I love the energy in a group environment. It’s more motivating for those involved than training individuals. There are men and women of all fitness levels in group training, and they really push each other! There is a ten-fold increase in energy - it’s pretty awesome.

During the lockdown, the Body One community was really missing each other, and a group decided to pick up running and training on their own. Now six of them are running a marathon together. I’m really proud of them! In personal training, you wouldn’t get that! I’ve just opened a second facility in Rancho Palos Verdes, and that camaraderie is already taking shape, which is fun to watch!


How did you first learn about BodySpec?

Previously, we had tried to use one of the “dunk tank” body fat measuring services, but after 50 clients have used the same water after a Saturday morning class, that’s not good!

Then in 2015, a Body One member scanned with BodySpec at one of your corporate events and told me how amazing it was. I was just preparing to launch our first 12-week challenge. I wanted the results to be performance-based, not just a bodyweight challenge, so I thought BodySpec would be a great tool.

For the event, Jason and (co-founder) Bryce brought the second of your mobile scanners out for the very first time! It’s a really simple process, and I was amazed by the accuracy. The results are incredible. The detail in the information is awesome.

How has adding BodySpec as a client service affected your training?

Seeing scan results, especially lean mass numbers, has really helped to encourage clients to lift heavier weights!

I really push people to lift heavy. You don’t want to be skinny fat! It’s all about muscle tone. Even if you increase just a pound or two in your lifting, seeing lean mass results on scans has encouraged people to get stronger! Women often think they’ll get bulky, but muscle burns fat and it’s most apparent through scan results.

In fact, this coming year, I want to do a lean mass increase challenge. During your training, if you’re losing lean mass, that’s no good. If you’re losing green as well as red, you’re not accomplishing anything! And BodySpec DEXA scans are the best way to show these results.

But I don’t just use the DEXA scan for muscle build and fat loss; I also point out visceral fat and help clients focus on those numbers, which are really important. Some clients have been able to drop it.

Another member just turned 63. She’s in fantastic shape, but her bone density is low. She only found this out through a BodySpec scan, and now she’s being treated for osteoporosis. Getting that visual made all the difference!

How do you describe the service to your clients?

In simplest terms: Green is good! Red is bad!

At our facilities, we focus on performance-based results, not just body fat. Our members are not bodybuilders, but people want to be as fit as they can be.

When I explain the DEXA scans, I show them side-by-side scan results. It’s a great visual to show training progress and a really effective educational piece. It’s eye-opening to show people how training and diet affect the body. When you show people numbers and graphs, it makes sense. It really clicks.

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