BodySpec Client Stories: Tiago and Cintia R.

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Tiago & Cintia R.

What is your training background?

For the last two and half years, we have trained in Capoeira together at least three times a week. We also add resistance training to support it. We train with kettlebells, jump roping, and bodyweight exercises. We’re focused on improving flexibility and mobility.

tiago & cintia

How did you first learn about BodySpec?

In the past, I was a member of a kickboxing/martial arts gym and was working with a trainer. But I was curious to see how effective it all was.

The gym had another body fat testing machine, and it piqued my interest! I used that machine, but it didn’t seem consistent, so I did some research and found that results depend highly on hydration, which seemed difficult to control. I wanted something more accurate, and then through online searches, I found BodySpec.

What did you think after seeing your first scan results?

The level of consistency and detail is unmatched.

During the pandemic, we left the gym and started practicing on our own. Capoeira is very focused on the lower body, and we found on the first scan that our upper bodies are not as strong as we’d like them to be!

I saw from scan results that my legs and core are well balanced, but my wife and I both want to increase upper body strength. So now we know where to put some more attention.

We wouldn’t have known that without scanning--and it gives us the motivation to work harder!

How are you using the BodySpec membership to help you meet your goals?

My wife and I share membership credits. As soon as my new credit hits my account, I’m booking again! We will do this for the next 6 months and see if we’ve achieved our goals!

Right now I want to increase my upper body strength. And core strength is key for training capoeira too! We want our bodies to be more proportional.

I think it’ll take 4-6 months to get there. It could be possible to do it faster with heavy weights, but we want to take a slower and steadier approach. Regular DEXA scans will help along the way!

How has scanning with BodySpec affected your training?

It takes out the guesswork! If I’m consistent in my training, the results will speak for themselves. When we read our scan results it gives us confidence that what we’re doing is effective!

In a gym environment, we had to just take the trainer’s word for it, but now I have numbers to back it up! We want to decrease body weight by just a bit, but not lose muscle. The DEXA scan shows us that!

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