"But I don't need to scan every month. Is a membership still right for me?"

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The BodySpec Team

If you care about your health and you like to save money, a BodySpec membership is for you - even if you don't plan to scan every month.

At BodySpec, we know that everyone's goals are different. We wanted our membership program to be as flexible as possible to suit our clients' varied needs.

Our membership program gives you credits monthly - but those credits are good forever. They won't disappear if you don't come in every month.

This means that people are coming up with smart ways to use the membership the way they need it!

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Smart ways to make the most of your membership - even if you don't scan monthly!

1. Share a membership as a family - and save together when you scan together.

There's honestly no better way to be successful than getting your loved ones onboard with you.

One family member can sign up for a membership, let the scan credits roll in each month, and when they have enough, book appointments for the whole family (or friends too!) to come in together!

It's a cost-effective way to think about your health every few months as a family—and stay on track together.

2. Try a quarterly membership.

Health is a habit. Our clients that are the most successful in improving and maintaining their health, employ tools like our scans to regularly measure progress as well as hold themselves accountable.

A check-in every 3 months gives clients enough time to make improvements while minimizing how far they can drift off course. Consistent snapshots of your health provide encouragement as you see how far you've come as well as motivation to get back on track if you've stalled.

You'll still save money—and you'll still have the tools to make prioritizing your health a yearlong habit.

3. Scan more when it's more important—and less when it's less important.

If you're training for a competition, your needs may change over the course of a year. We see many professional and amateur athletes who scan only occasionally in the off-season, but more often as they approach the big day.

The membership ensures that you've got credits when you need them - for the best price possible. And since the credits never expire, you can rest assured that they won't go to waste.

We hope that you'll consider becoming a member! It's easy to sign up for a membership when you book your next appointment, so start now!

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"But I don't need to scan every month. Is a membership still right for me?"