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As we look forward to a fresh new start in 2016, the inevitable question of new year’s fitness resolutions comes up. Years of consistent (and depressing) research has found that most of these resolutions tend to crash and burn within a few weeks.

We have a pretty good idea why these resolutions fail, and it may surprise you.

It’s not you - but it probably is your environment.

That’s right, let yourself off the hook! Trying to rely on your own determination, willpower, and motivation simply does not work. This has been proven over and over. And yet every year, we all still tell ourselves that THIS year we will be self-motivated enough to train for that triathlon or finally lose that extra 10 pounds.

Well, in 2016, allow us to help set you up for success. The following proven strategies focus on how you can change your environment to gently nudge yourself in the right direction, and to help you stay the course when motivation flags (because it will!).

For weight loss:

  1. Hide the junk food. Getting it out of sight or reach helps remove the temptation! Put things in hard-to-reach cupboards at home, and try to avoid walking past that co-worker with the candy bowl always out.

  2. Make food prep easy for yourself. Buy veggies pre-cut and washed (or prep them in a batch on Sunday for the week ahead). That way when you get home from work tired and hungry, there’s one less obstacle to having veggies with dinner.

  3. Use social support for accountability. Find a gym buddy, or make sure your roommates or family know what your goal is (so that they don’t undermine you by offering you ice cream all the time). You can also join a weight loss challenge through your workplace.

For fitness goals:

  1. Take baseline measurements, and re-assess! Write out a tangible timeline for re-assessing your progress, making sure to re-test every 4-6 weeks. (Hint: Our DXA scan is the mother of all baselines! Schedule your follow-ups in advance for best results.)

  2. Hire a trainer, even if it’s only for a few sessions. A trainer will help you develop a solid, balanced workout plan, and give you tips about what to focus on. Afterwards, you can do the occasional check-in to add some new things and make sure you are seeing progress – and not getting bored. It will be worth the investment!

  3. Be realistic about the activities you enjoy. If you haven’t used that gym membership in the past 3 years, ditch it. Find a fitness activity that is convenient (think throwing on running shoes and heading out your front door) and/or that you really look forward to. Or think about activities you enjoyed in the past – and find someone to enjoy them with!

Now, get excited and get out there! We’re rooting for you!

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