We're bringing RMR back!

BodySpec will be resuming RMR testing at our Culver City storefront starting the first week of May. RMR tests will be offered on weekdays going forward.

What’s RMR? Your resting metabolic rate is essentially the speed of your metabolism. You use this information to establish a caloric baseline and ensure that you’re eating the right number of calories for your goals.

For more on using RMR information, click here.

New safety protocols for RMR tests

Safety is still our top priority. We’ve implemented some new protocols to protect everyone’s health during this test:

  • Our team will be instructing clients how to perform the test without any physical contact.
  • We’ve ordered and installed new antiviral filters on our CardioCoach RMR machines.
  • We’ve installed a new air purifier in the RMR rooms to reduce airborne particles.
  • For the cot that clients lie on during the test, we’ll be using disposable full-length bed sheets which will be discarded after each test.

New updated RMR protocols for COVID.

We plan to resume RMR testing at our San Francisco office beginning the second week of May. We have not begun mobile RMR testing through our van, but we hope to do so in the near future, as we trial and perfect these new safety procedures.

As a friendly reminder, please continue to bring your masks to all BodySpec appointments. If you need a reminder on our general COVID safety protocols, please click here.

Finally, if you had signed up for RMR appointments over the past few months but received a cancellation notice, we deeply apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact us at support if you have any additional questions.

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The BodySpec Team

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